Friday, 27 April 2012

Evaluation questions-How did you attract/address your audience?

We tried to attract our target audience, which is predominately teenagers, by typically using two teen characters in cast, in the film the main female character is supposed to be the age of a teenager, therefore by using amber as our main character it should help more towards engaging our target audience and helps the audience identify and compare with the character on screen. As our audience is mainly teenagers, the film is more relatable to the viewer. Also with the use of James as a mysterious hooded character represented as a possible hallucinations is further use of addressing our audience;  our film is set to outline characteristics such as hallucination, paranoia and anxiety, quite uncommonly represented in the media. Therefore by including scenes like ambers non- verbal communication in response to the mysterious figure is a technique we tried/ used which we thought was key in helping to attract an audience.

Evaluation questions-Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our target audience for our media product is targeted towards youth in general, but particularly teen females – this is who we’d expect to watch our film as our main character is a female protagonist, and is dominant in screen time. However our film could possibly also appeal to horror/thriller fans as the construction of the film has been represented as a very dark sense for the film constructed by using dark sound, low key lighting and the use of James (male character) – all contribute towards the psychological horror/thriller essence represented in film. We gained this idea from previous films we’ve studied for example the strangers; we got the idea of James and the mask from this movie, as we thought this would fit into our psychological thriller as was certified 15, and was basically designed for a teenage audience, which was our target audience. Our use of a female protagonist was also based on silence of the lambs in which a strong female character was represented, however we thought we’d twist it to have quite a vulnerable character.

Evaluation questions-How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media product represents a number of particular social groups, particularly representing females as our main character for the film. It also represents youth in general, the use of just two characters one male and one female identifies both sides of gender alongside representing general stereotypes. The male character (although has no dialogue) seems strictly dominant in our film and is obviously more in control of the scene (however being a possible hallucination), whereas, the female character is portrayed quite stereotypically vulnerable in our film – this further represents females. The fact that our character is meant to be aged between 15-17, outlines the realism of paranoia/anxiety  that is not typically seen in society (especially not for a teenage girl).